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Seattle Girls’ Choir Celebrates 30 Years of Inspiration with Six World Premieres


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On June 15, 2013 at Seattle’s Town Hall all five levels of SGC choirs will perform newly commissioned works. Each choir will present a piece, and the combined SGC choirs will sing a work by SGC Founder and Artistic Director Emeritus, Dr. Jerome Wright.

Here is a preview of his new work, Bound for Seattle:

Bound for Seattle is “A Five-Minute History of Seattle,” set on board a 19th century clipper ship bound for Seattle and told by various waves of immigrants: Sailors, miners, and brides from New England. The song is in the form of a sea chantey (or shantey, shanty or chanty). Each verse of the piece has a distinct flavor…so I developed variations on the harmony and style to accommodate the different groups. For example, there is a section of the second verse dealing with home-sickness and how the sight of the Olympics had a healing effect. The score is very open, with the counter melodies reminiscent of alpenhorns. The raucous miners are accompanied by what I call “saloon piano” – while the brides have a piano accompaniment in the style of an 18th century piano sonata.
The last verse has two parts. In the verse, sung a cappella, the inhabitants of Seattle dream of a future metropolis; and the final chorus is set in the present, and sung by the lucky inhabitants of our great city.
I quote popular music of the period, and am not shy to use quodlibet. See how many bits of other songs you can find as you listen. My intention was to create a light and joyous song: fun for all ages to sing, and a delight to hear. I hope you enjoy “Bound for Seattle” as much as I enjoyed composing it! – Jerome Wright

New pieces by John Muehleisen, Karen Thomas, Aimee Mell, and alumnae Katie Bent and Amanda Kunz will also be premiered.

Tickets are available at 206-526-1900 or http://www.seattlegirlschoir.org

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