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30th Anniversary Cabaret a Hit!


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On Friday, March 15th at ACT’s Bullitt Cabaret current and past Seattle Girls’ Choir members and families joined together to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of SGC. As guests entered the room down a golden staircase they were greeted with slideshow images of SGC memories and the rousing call from event organizer, Kate Snider to toss a ring and win a bottle of wine or stuffed animal. Nearby was a lovely selection of donated items available at the Silent Auction.

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The evening’s festivities were emceed by current Artistic Director, Jacob Winkler. SGC Alumnae entertained the audience with their musical talent. Hilary Johnson (2008), The Women of Ancora, Maria Mannisto (2000), Sheila Houlahan (2009), Erin McNamee (1998), and Amanda Taylor Kunz (2010) were there live. From Los Angeles, popular singer/songwriter, Bonnie McKee (2002) sent an inspiring video message filled with memories and thanks to founder Dr. Wright and the Seattle Girls’s Choir for helping become her grounded in music.

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